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I am a French student living in Toulouse, France where I am undergoing a final engineering internship at Bootlin. I have studied electronics at ENSEIRB-MATMECA in Bordeaux, France. I contribute to the advancement of freedom in digital technology in various ways, with a focus on hardware-specific aspects.

Work on Freedom in Digital Technology

I am a developer of free digital technology and hardware support, mostly known for my involvement in the free software community. I have been involved with the Replicant project for years, despite not actively contributing anymore. I have instead moved on to new endeavours in the realm of liberating hardware support for various devices (and especially ARM Chromium OS devices).

I have been using free software since 2008, with a particular emphasis on running fully free systems: I support the ideas behind the GNU project as I am a strong free software advocate. I care deeply about being in control of technology and especially about the ability to understand how it works and change its behaviour, driven by a strong curiosity.


I have an overall personal interest in science, especially in physics. I enjoy reading books of different kinds, including science fiction, psychonautics and philosophy. I am particularly interested in cinema and really enjoy interesting movies that are either twisted, complex, surprising, refreshing or unusual, as well as the ones that make you think about life or are just really funny! I'm usually not very much into blockbusters. I'm always looking for good recommendations for movies. Some of my favourite directors include T. Gilliam, S. Kubrick, M. Scorsese, Q. Tarentino, W. Allen, W. Anderson, A. G. Iñárritu and L. Kaufman (who co-founded Troma, the long-lasting independent film production and distribution company). I also sometimes watch series and find some to be quite good, such as South Park, Rick and Morty, Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, House and the Monty Python's Flying Circus.

My interest in music varies a lot and I'm often discovering new things depending on the people that I spend time with. I have had a recurring overall interest for rock and metal music (with lots of different sub-genres) but also enjoy some (very) mainstream music such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears. Lately, I have been exploring psychedelic music (either psychedelic rock, trance or psybient with groups such as Infected Mushroom, Hilight Tribe, Entheogenic, Shpongle), often with an electronic tone. While I'm open to listening to almost anything, I often like melody-driven progressive music best. I have very little interest in genres such as Reggae and dub.

I like meeting new and diverse people (despite being of a shy and reserved nature), learning about new things and exchanging ideas! I always welcome positive and enriching experiences. So far, I have visited France, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Romania, the United Kingdom and the United States. When I'm visiting a new city, I often enjoy walking around from place to place, wandering in parks and all sorts of interesting parts of the city. I really enjoy beautiful landscapes and try to appreciate all the little things that make life great, such as squirrels, ice cream, fruit juice, flowers or returning a smile. I am especially proud and happy of French culture, in particular when it comes to food, with pastries such as our croissant and chocolatine (not to be confused with the pain au chocolat that shall describe a tab of chocolate stuffed inside some regular bread) and other incredible dishes such as the magret de canard and tartiflette, not to forget the large variety of cheese.

You see that? That's where I was born. You know, one day, when I was a little boy, my mother she took me on her knee and she said: 'Gaston, my son. The world is a beautiful place. You must go into it, and love everyone, not hate people. You must try and make everyone happy, and bring peace and contentment everywhere you go.' And so...I became a waiter... Well... it''s not much of a philosophy, I know... but... well... fuck you... I can live my own life in my own way if I want to. Fuck off! Don't come following me!

Eric Idle, The Meaning of Life (1983)

Photos and Biography

Here are some portraits and a biography that I usually distribute along with free software talks descriptions:

Portrait Side portrait Above portrait Cartoon portrait

Paul Kocialkowski started using free software in 2008 and soon gained interest in software freedom as well as the use of fully free systems. After breaking his Openmoko FreeRunner he took at shot at Replicant, the fully free version of Android. He soon became involved in the project's active development and has remained its lead developer since 2012. Driven by a growing interest in the lower levels of digital technology, he evaluates various devices from the perspective of software freedom, in particular for the Free Software Foundation's website. Recently, he's been working on freeing digital devices at the lower levels, contributing to the U-Boot, Coreboot, Libreboot, Flashrom and Linux projects.


There is a list of projects I contribute to (more or less often):


The most efficient way to contact me is to send me an email at:

GPG/PGP Public Key

Please find my GPG/PGP public key: 8FEE950C with fingerprint:

01B7 0C5D 940C B63D 5FA6 12C2 84FD C1EA 8FEE 950C

Personal donations

If you'd like to make a donation directed to me personally (as opposed to making one to one of the projects I'm involved with), I can receive such donations either via bitcoin, bank transfer or credit card payment. Feel free to contact me directly about the latter two.

Personal donations help me dedicate more time to the active development of freedom at the lower levels, by relieving the stress caused by monetary requirements. In particular, such donations allow me to keep going without having to worry about taking a job in addition to contributing and studying.

Please direct any bitcoin donation to:




In order to keep the Internet non-centralized, I host most of the services I use on the Internet and generally don't push any personal or non-public data on a third party server.

I currently run three different servers on two separate LANs. The hosts behind are named after the Apollo 11 crew, the others, behind, after famous Soviet astronauts (collins is my laptop and travels back and forth):