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I am a Frenchman living in Toulouse, France where I work at Bootlin. I contribute to the advancement of freedom in digital technology in a few ways, with a focus on hardware-specific aspects.

I have been using free software since 2008, with a particular emphasis on running fully free systems: I support the ideas behind the GNU project as I am a strong free software advocate. I care deeply about being in control of technology and especially about the ability to understand how it works and change its behaviour.

Current Projects

I am currently contributing to the following projects (more or less often):

Past Projects

In the past, I have contributed to the following projects:

Around 2016, I was a core developer of Libreboot. I added support for the C201PA Chromebook from ASUS and did a rewrite of the build system from scratch.

From 2011 to 2015, I was the lead developer of Replicant. I brought support for many Samsung devices with Exynos platforms and wrote free software replacements for various hardware abstraction layers including: camera, audio, sensors and the Samsung radio interface layer (RIL).


I try to maintain a list of talks that I have given about free software projects, with media such as slides and recordings.


I studied electronics and embedded systems at ENSEIRB-MATMECA, an engineering school in Bordeaux, France and graduated in 2018. Before that, I studied maths and physics at CPBx, a preparatory class from the University of Bordeaux.


The most efficient way to contact me is to send me an email at:

GPG/PGP Public Key

Please find my GPG/PGP public key: 8FEE950C with fingerprint:

01B7 0C5D 940C B63D 5FA6 12C2 84FD C1EA 8FEE 950C


If you are interested in learning personal details about me, a few photos and a description of my interests are available.



In order to keep the Internet non-centralized, I host most of the services I use on the Internet and generally don't push any personal or non-public data on a third party server.

I currently run three different servers on two separate LANs. The hosts behind are named after the Apollo 11 crew, the others, behind, after famous Soviet astronauts (collins is my laptop and travels back and forth):